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2015 ASRG Recipients

2015 ASRG Winners

Each year, graduating architecture students honor their class by funding a gift called the Architecture Student Research Grant (ASRG). The tradition, initiated by the Class of 2013, provides a unique opportunity for students to support outstanding research from their peers.

While distant sites, subjects, and audiences often monopolize the attention of student research, the 2015 ASRG Grant calls attention to the city of Ann Arbor.

For 2015, with generous support from the office of Dean Monica Ponce de Leon and the Taubman College Alumni Board, the Class of 2015 awarded three prizes of $1700 each to interdisciplinary teams of graduate and undergraduate students. The winning projects were:

Graduate Projects

The Dialogue Between Drawing Machines and Human Ambience

by Xu Zhang, Tommy Kyung Tae Nam, Hans Hyun Seong Min, Siwei Ren, and Jaekyun Brandon Kang, Carnegie Mellon University

The Dialogue between Drawing Machines + Human Ambience from Robby Kim Films on Vimeo.

This project explores the dichotomy and synthesis of the interaction between programmed movement and human interaction through automated and sensory technology. The research focuses on the development of scripted and programmed machines that generate automated motion with Processing and Arduino Technology. To destroy the idea of the perfect and precise drawing, the human interaction with the machine will allow variability and change over time. As the drawing accumulates with ink and other materials, the drawing starts to dissolve perfection and celebrates amorphousness. 

The Architecture of Loneliness

by Kallie Sternburgh and Tafhim Rahman

The Architecture of Loneliness looks to examine the limits of design to single-handedly solve problems it is not well equipped to handle. It wishes architecture to be omnipotent but realizes that is not possible and laments that fact. We believe the act of making avoids cynicism and makes the project hopeful, yet tragic.

Project Team:
Carrie Allen, Jayne Choi, Daniel Fougere, Ryan Goold, Annelise Heeringa, Stefan Klecheski, Alan Lucey, Chad Schram, Steven Scharrer, Emily Trulson, Darryl Weimer

Special Thanks to:
Timotei Dudas, Noel Hernandez, Michael Picerno, Carrie Allen, and the 2015 Taubman College class for their generous contribution towards the funding for this grant

Undergraduate Project

Hyper Unreal

by Ian Ting, Eujain Ting, and Joseph Biglin

If the hyperreal is the conflation of the real and its simulation, the ‘hyper-unreal’ is its foil: a disjunction between disbelief in the real and its representation, reflecting upon a fundamental mistrust of the world around us. Hyper Unreal aims to study this phenomena and expand the territory of architectural production in the virtual space of a game that pits the player against architecture as an autonomous agent. We take a critical approach towards the taxonomies of game design space by using novel mechanics, dynamic environments, disciplined spatial representation and curated player perception.

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Architecture Student Research Grant Exhibition 2015

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