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ARCH 314 – Structures I


This course covers the basic principles of architectural structures, including the influence of geometric, sectional, and material properties related to flexure and shear in beam and framed systems; vector mechanics with application to analysis of trusses, catenaries, and arches; diagrammatic analysis of beams for bending moment, shear, and deflection as well as the study of structural framing systems for vertical and lateral loads.


Lecture: Mon, Fri 10:30-11:30am   2104 A&AB
Recitation: Wed 9:30-10:30am and 10:30-11:30am 

Students will be placed in recitation sections. Please do not schedule courses 9:30-11:30am on Wednesdays. 


Peter von Bülow


Course Brief

Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning