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ARCH 509 – SPACESPIRIT: The Invisible Made Visible


A seminar exploring the place of Spirit and spirit(uality) within daily architectural practice. 

Presented in a studio format of design narratives, SpaceSpirit will provide a forum for deepest reflection.
Over a course of 12 weeks, you, I, and your seminar classmates will explore extended answers to five overarching questions:

  • “What is quality (itself) and what does it mean to live a sustainable life of quality?”
  • “What is deeply and most commonly worth sustaining?”
  • “How do we create spaces that enhance self-discovery and independence, while connecting each of us to earth/wind/sky and our deepest civic obligations?”
  • “What is the connection between dreams, ambition, and purpose?”
  • “How do dreams matter?”

Broadly, SpaceSpirit will seek to serve as a weekly meeting ground for you/i to find our own voice within a global cornucopia of voices; specifically, SpaceSpirit will focus on our collective obligation to define architecture as a uniquely material and spiritual medium . . . giving voice and visibility to all manner of human aspiration.


Thu 7:00-10:00pm G463 MH


James Chaffers

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