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ARCH 509 – Speciated: Hybrid Formations


This seminar will operate like an experimental design-oriented think tank, crossed with a madhouse. It will focus on imaginative spatial visualizations through four’ish, 2- 3 week, linked projects, and research using digital modeling and midjourney, linked to hybridization, or crossbreeding. Emerging technologies, mixing geographies and different time frames, the possibility to ‘breed’ characteristics from two, or more, distinct origins, provides openings for formal, material, and representational innovation. We’re there. In parallel, we will develop dexterous design skills, and conceptual broadening, augmenting typological thinking, surfing ambiguous outcomes, densifying work, and constructing architectural knowledge… trying to get 2 + 2 to equal pink’ish chickens crossed with a Volkswagen Bug.


Fri 1:00-4:00pm  1360 A&AB


Perry Kulper


Course Brief

Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning