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ARCH 603 – Designs on Justice: Architecting Social Change


This seminar is a critical examination of design and social change, focusing on design justice as the contemporary form in which social change through design is imagined, pursued, and evaluated. How to bring questions around justice and injustice to bear on the imagination, interpretation, and practice of design? How to think about injustice in ways that include injustice's systemic and normalized versions? How to think about justice in ways that include justice's reparative and redistributive versions? How to think about social suffering, oppression, and need without identifying communities with the damage inflicted on them? And how to think about participation, engagement, and collaboration in ways that support the agency, desire, and self-determination of marginalized people? Exploring these and related questions, we will bring design justice to bear on a range of topics of relevance in contemporary architecture.


Tue 3:00-6:00pm  2213 A&AB


Andrew Herscher

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Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning