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URP 540 – Land Use Planning and Development Management


Land Use Planning and Development Management --- Land use is one of the essential dimensions of planning. While criticisms over past practices abound, land use planning remains a critical arena for discussion and innovation. Moreover, while many associate land use planning with development; it also plays a significant role in rethinking land management in cities with declining populations and correspondingly growing regions of vacant land. Understanding how different land use controls work and the reasons for their creation can help decode our existing landscapes and provide insight for further policy and design implementation. This course will provide students with an overview of the techniques, process, strategies, and potential tradeoffs of different land use planning approaches.


Mon, Wed 2:30-4:00pm  2210 A&AB


Jonathan Levine


Course Brief

Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning