Bachelor of Science
in Urban Technology

See cities through data. Shape cities through code.
Design positive change.

The Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology is a first-of-its-kind degree in an emerging field. Be part of a future-focused community that breaks boundaries in order to make cities more equitable and sustainable. You will learn to create apps, launch businesses, and design services and organizations that address critical urban challenges such as climate change, equitable housing, and mobility.


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We Push Boundaries. We Solve Problems. We Make a Difference.

As part of the University of Michigan, one of the world’s prominent public universities, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning offers you an unmatched opportunity to become a leader with a unique perspective on the intersection of technology, urbanism, and design. You will join a community focused on innovating and improving the built environment.

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Learn How to Transform Cities from Day One.

Our curriculum is designed to help you identify a mission — a purpose — that will drive you to make cities more humane, just, and sustainable. Urban Technology courses begin on U-M’s main campus in Ann Arbor during the winter term and set the groundwork for spring intensives hosted in centers of urban innovation, where you’ll learn firsthand how industry, government, and community practitioners are reimagining city life. This hands-on approach to project-based learning allows you to explore possibilities and test new ideas.

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Where Will This Degree Take You?

When you graduate, you will be able to analyze cities, be a capable designer, and know the ins-and-outs of software development and data science. You may work for a startup, tech company, government agency, or advocacy organization focused on issues of technology and data. The power of U-M’s global reach means you are part of an unequaled network of alumni who are well-positioned to help you succeed, wherever you land.

Ready to Design Positive Change?

Find out more about our Urban Technology degree and how you will study cities, code, and design to shape and build the urban services and systems of tomorrow.

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