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Lecturer Thom Moran exhibits at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and speaks at TEDx Chicago

Architecture Lecturer Thom Moran will participate in the We Are Here: Art & Design Out of Context series, July 5-31, 2011, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA), through the Object Design League. We Are Here is a weekly series of four multidisciplinary art and design situations. Object Design League is known for projects that involve the intangible and temporal—events, pop-up spaces, charettes and curated exhibitions—rather than actual products. For more information, visit the MCA Chicago website. In addition, Moran will give a talk at the TEDx25thWard conference, themed Architecture or Revolution, in Chicago on August 6, 2011. Visit TED's website for more information or to register to attend.

Jun 22, 2011

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