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Research from Post-Squat NL, 2011 spring course, to be exhibited in the 2012 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

Post-Squat NL is a research and design project which focuses on alternatives in habitation in light of the illegalization of squatting in the Netherlands, led by Taubman College lecturer David Eugin Moon as a spring-travel course in 2011. The work examines the new landscape of post-bubble economies investigating the issues of vacancy, temporary use, and reuse.
Eleven architecture students traveled to the Netherlands with Moon for onsite-research, a course exhibition and a presentation to the municipality of their work. Based on the final projects and presentations, the group was invited to participate in the 2012 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. The 2012 edition of the Biennale is titled "Making City" and actively engages sites in Rotterdam, Sao Paulo, and Istanbul.
The design projects explored the potential in re-examining the typical processes in the structuring of architectural projects, reconsidering the area between bottom-up and top down hierarchies, public and private realms, and the future of the role of the architect.
Participants included Amy Atzmon, Allison Burrell, Owen Maher, Jason Mandre, Rachel Mulder, Chong Ying Pai, Sheena Shah, Wotong Shen, John Walter, Gordon Warwick, Sabrina Yeung. For more information, visit here.
For more information about the course and the work: postsquatnl.wordpress.com

Sep 14, 2011

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