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Assistant Professor Claire Zimmerman speaks at international conferences in Germany, China and the U.S.

Assistant Professor of Architecture Claire Zimmerman was panel organizer and moderator of "Architectures of Berlin" at the 35th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 22-25, 2011. As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary organization, the German Studies Association welcomes as members all those whose interests involve specific or broad aspects of history, literature, culture studies, politics, and government, relating to German-speaking Europe. In November, Zimmerman will present on "Activist History" as an invited speaker to the Collins/Kaufman Forum, a seminar-format lecture series stressing works-in-progress in modern architectural history at Columbia University in New York. She will also speak at the 4th Annual Symposium on Teaching Research in Architectural History at Tianjin University in China. Her presentation is titled "Global Modern Architecture."

Oct 14, 2011

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