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Dimensions 24

Volume 24

2011, 192 pages, 8" x 10"


Thesis: Kendra Byrne, Natasha Krol Mauskapf , Jae Ryong Oh, Katharine Lyons O'Malley, Brandon Pence, Emily Blacker Vanderpol, Dan Weissman. Architecture Fellows: Ellie Abrons, Meredith Miller, Thomas Moran, Cathlyn Newell, Rosalyne Shieh. Lecturers: Jeffrey Kipnis,Thom Mayne. Wallenberg Studio: Westley Josiah Burger, Chelsea Hyduk, Lisa Macfarlane, Lizzie Yarina. Saarinen Swanson Essay Competition: Lauren Jones, Michael McCulloch, Micah Rutenberg. With a foreword by John McMorrough and a postscript by Christian Unverzagt.


Anand Amin, Peggy Pik Ling Chong, Brittany Nicole Gacsy, Andrew Heathfield, Angela Schmidt, Catherine Truong, Nate Van Wylen, Bryant Yee

Faculty Advisor

Christian Unverzagt


Dimensions 24 (PDF 98.3MB)

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