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Master of Architecture Awards

Burton L. Kampner Memorial Award

Established in 1967 by contributions from alumni and friends of Burton L. Kampner, B.Arch.'53, this memorial award is presented annually to one student in the Thesis Program, based on the academic year. The selection is made by a jury consisting of architecture faculty appointed by the chair of the architecture program.

  • 2016 - Kyung Tae Nam and Yun Yun
  • 2015 - Alexandra Chen
  • 2014 - Gyo Max Obata
  • 2013 - Hans Papke
  • 2012 - Se Hee Kim
  • 2009 - Marie Matta
  • 2008 - Karl Schmeck

Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award

Sarah Drake Parker initiated this endowment, shared with the College of Engineering, in memory of her daughter, Marian Sarah Parker, C.E. 1895, the first woman to graduate with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan. As a member of Purdy & Henderson, Parker became a specialist in the design of the steel-framed skyscraper and helped to design such revolutionary buildings as New York's Flat Iron Building and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The award is made annually to the outstanding woman senior in engineering and to the outstanding woman M.Arch. degree candidate.

  • 2016 - Sydney Brown
  • 2015 - Sidney Migoski
  • 2014 - Hailey Landis
  • 2013 - Christina Kull
  • 2012 - Meghan Archer
  • 2011 - Lisa Sauvé
  • 2010 - Mary O’Malley
  • 2009 - Adrienne Scott McDaniel
  • 2008 - Susan Amanda Massey

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

Alpha Rho Chi, a national professional fraternity for students of architecture and the allied arts, awards its medal annually, in April, upon recommendations of the architecture faculty in each school of architecture. The purpose is to recognize the M.Arch. degree candidate who has shown leadership and given service to the school and whose personality and attitude give promise of real professional worth.

  • 2016 - Elana Abraham
  • 2015 - Jayme Van Oot
  • 2014 - Owen Maher
  • 2013 - Geoffrey Salvatore
  • 2012 - Lauren Bebry
  • 2009 - Claire Sheridan
  • 2008 - Mashawnta Amara Armstrong

AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate

In each recognized school of architecture in the United States, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) annually awards an engraved medal to the M.Arch. degree candidate with the highest scholastic standing. A certificate is awarded to the degree candidate with the second highest standing. The faculty determines the awards.

  • 2016 - Claire Leavengood-Boxer, Medal; Kevin Rosenberg, Certificate
  • 2015 - Mark Keller, Medal; Jennifer Kay Wai Ng, Certificate
  • 2014 - Eric Meyer, Medal; Hailey Landis, Certificate
  • 2013 - Scott Claassen, and Robert Safley, Medal 
  • 2012 - Branden Clements, Medal; Keenan Hurlin May, Certificate
  • 2009 - Emmett T. Harrison, Medal; Ross C. Hoekstra, Certificate
  • 2008 - Jordan Bennet Wilday, Medal; Nora Catherine Ames. Certificate