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Undergraduate Study (CUGS)

The Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Study (CUGS) option offers advanced University of Michigan LSA undergraduates the opportunity to combine their senior year with the first year of the master's program.

A student graduates with the master's degree in one additional year after the combined year. Up to 15 credits of graduate level courses may be counted toward both the bachelor's and the master's degrees.

Applicants submit the Rackham application, the application fee, and required credentials. International applicants are also required to submit financial resource information. The minimum g.p.a. must be at least 3.7 and may be higher in some programs. Students earning dual bachelors degrees are NOT eligible for CUGS.

Students interested in CUGS should consult both their undergraduate advisors and the Taubman College Urban and Regional Planning Program in their junior year.

Applications for CUGS are evaluated by looking at a student's breadth of program, commitment to the field, degree of motivation, academic ability, and GPA among other factors ordinarily used by graduate admissions committees.

More detailed information on the application procedure can be obtained from the Rackham web site.