Concurrent Undergraduate / Graduate Study (CUGS)

Earn Your Master’s Degree within 5 Years

The Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Study (CUGS) option offers advanced University of Michigan LSA undergraduates the opportunity to combine their senior year with the first year of the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at Taubman College.


  • Have a GPA of 3.7 or higher at the end of your second year of undergraduate studies.
  • Have completed at least six courses within the core requirements of your major by the time your dual enrollment would begin.
  • Have completed all the LSA undergraduate degree requirements except for the major and any required independent study/practical experience, by the time your dual enrollment would begin (i.e., these must be completed by the end of your undergraduate year).

Determine if you are eligible to apply for the CUGS admission by consulting your program advisor and LSA Advising at Newnan Academic Advising Center.

More detailed information on the application procedure can be obtained from the following:

/ Student Feature

Izzy Beshouri

B.A. 2022, M.U.R.P. 2024

The CUGS program has been a worthwhile opportunity for me to expand upon my undergraduate liberal arts education. Through my Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, I have developed the tools by which to turn my passion for environmental issues into policy change and sustainable design.

As a graduate student, I am learning just as much from my peers as I am from my classes, a pattern that I am sure is common across many Masters programs. A graduate program at the University of Michigan brings together students from all different backgrounds — the curriculum is filtered through this variety of political and social geographies during class discussions. I have found that, as a CUGS student, I get to see more of the world in one room than I would have in a gap year of traveling.

The CUGS program gave me agency over my track through higher education and allowed me to save on an additional year of tuition in route to my career goals. 

Portrait of Izzy Beshouri

Application Timeline

Year Date Actions
Junior Year October 15 Complete the Accelerated Master’s (Undergraduate- Graduate) Degree Election Form (submit to LSA Dean’s Office)

If Approved:

  • Email the LSA approval letter to Attn: MURP Admissions Rep.
  • Visit the Rackham admissions office in the East Wing of Rackham and drop off a copy of your letter so your admissions officer can put it on file.
  • Email or deliver your letter to your program advisor so it can be added to your LSA undergraduate file.
Submit your online MURP admissions application through the Rackham Application Portal and pay the application fee.
By Mid-November If admitted to MURP, receive offer of admission letter from Taubman College.
April 15 Must submit enrollment deposit if accepting offer of admission from Taubman College.


Degree Timeline

Year Date Actions Notes
Senior Year and
Fall Semester Take 2-4 MURP courses Graduate tuition is charged, Undergraduate financial aid is discontinued.
Up to 15 MURP credits applied to Bachelor’s Degree.
Winter Semester Take 2-4 MURP courses
May Earn Bachelor’s Degree
2ND YEAR OF MURP Fall Semester Take 4 MURP classes Graduate Tuition is Charged
Winter Semester Take 2-4 MURP courses
May Earn Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree

Hypothetical Cost Savings over Five vs Six Years

  No Financial Aid Undergraduate Aid Only
(Half Tuition Example)
Go Blue Guarantee
  In-State Out-of-State In-State Out-of-State In-State
3 Year Total Cost
(UG Senior year + 2 years of MURP tuition)
$44,917 $84,923 $40,152 $69,470 $35,388
CUGS 2 Year
Total Cost
(2 years of graduate tuition)
$35,388 $54,018 $35,388 $54,018 $35,388
Total Overall Savings $9,529 $30,905 $4,764 $15,452 $0
  Savings for CUGS ranges from about $4,700 to $31,000 (based on estimated 2024-2025 tuition and fees). May or may not receive a MURP scholarship.
In addition to saving money, a student saves 1 year to enter the workforce and earn a salary sooner.