Anya Sirota interacting with a Gibson/Martelli VR demo during Trade Show, a one-day series of lectures, workshops, installations, forums, and tech demos focusing on emergent visualization technologies hosted by TVLab.

Visualizing the Future

Taubman College is on the leading edge of visualization as faculty and students use interactive tools to democratize design and create space for creative ideas and broader engagement. Midway down […]

Taubman College to Welcome Matthew Wizinsky to Faculty

Matthew Wizinsky will join Taubman College as an associate professor of practice in urban technology in the fall of 2023. Wizinsky is a designer, educator, researcher, and author on contemporary […]

Portrait of Kuukuwa Manful

Taubman College to Welcome Kuukuwa Manful to Faculty

Kuukuwa Manful will join Taubman College as an assistant professor of architecture in September 2023. Manful is currently a visiting post-doctoral scholar at the Center for Advanced Study in the […]

Portrait of Xiofan Liang

Taubman College to Welcome Xiaofan Liang to Faculty

Xiaofan Liang will join Taubman College as an assistant professor of urban and regional planning in January 2024. Currently a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Regional Planning at the […]