Student Awards

Undergraduate students submit their best work from their final design studio in the Wallenberg Studio Awards. Winners receive funds from the Raoul Wallenberg Endowment to explore and engage in the culture of the country they visit, exploring architecture and culture, and getting acquainted with the people. The Wallenberg Travel Reports display some students’ experiences.

Graduate students may win an annual Burton L. Kampner Memorial Award, which is presented to the graduating student whose thesis project is considered to be the most outstanding. Other awards include the Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award, Alpha Rho Chi Medal, and AIA Henry Adams Medal.

Graduate and undergraduates may also compete for awards in the annual Student Show Exhibition, a gallery of faculty-selected projects representing the best of the student work created in the fall studios. The submitted projects are considered for the AIA Huron Valley Honor Awards and the Taubman College Alumni Council Awards. Also as part of the judging, undergraduates may submit a portfolio to be considered for the Leonard B. Willeke Design Prize.

Undergraduate and graduate student in the Architecture Program may also apply for the Architecture Student Research Grant (ASRG) which was initiated by the Class of 2013 to provide a unique opportunity for student research projects that push the boundaries and possibilities of the discipline of architecture.

Doctoral students may receive awards from the Rackham Graduate School, including the Distinguished Dissertation Award.