Shape Our World 

Taubman College Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning programs offer many paths to careers that shape the future of the built environment. Taubman College prioritizes equity innovation: academic innovation that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion by making education more accessible to a broader range of learners. You will tackle some of the biggest issues of our world today to transform the built environment, the professions that shape it, and the educational programs that equip students to shape the future through architecture, planning, technology, and urban design.

A class gathers around a large model city lit by neon lights in the TVLab
Professor Anya Sirota chats with two students about their work in the graduate studio at the Art & Architecture Building.


Architectural education at the University of Michigan prepares students to participate actively in the design of buildings, cities, and the physical environment.

Taubman College offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture. The undergraduate program culminates in a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S. Arch), and the graduate program culminates in a Master of Architecture degree (M.Arch). In addition, the program also offers a Ph.D. in Architecture, a Master of Urban Design (M.U.D.), and a Master of Science in Architecture (M.S.D.M.T.).

Undergraduate students may apply directly as first-year students or transfer in as junior-level students. The graduate program is open to students who have already earned undergraduate degrees in architecture (2-year M.Arch) and those who received undergraduate degrees from other disciplines (3-year M.Arch). Dual degrees and graduate certificates are also available.

Urban and Regional Planning

Students in Urban and Regional Planning develop the skills and knowledge needed to improve the environmental quality, economic potential, and social equity of places: neighborhoods, towns, cities, metropolitan areas, and larger regions.

The Urban and Regional Planning Program offers a professional Master of Urban and Regional Planning (M.U.R.P.), a Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology (B.S. UTech), a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning, and several dual degree options.

Also available through the program are Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development, Graduate Certificate in Healthy Cities, and Graduate Certificate in Urban Informatics.

Four Urban Technology students gather around a computer in the studio.
A group of students standing in front of a stone building.