Taubman College students are well-prepared for impactful careers that will push the profession forward. They are critical thinkers and lifelong learners with agile, innovative mindsets and experience with the latest technologies, tools, and techniques. That’s why you’ll find our graduates making a difference and leading the way at top firms and organizations across the globe.

We are one of the few architecture and urban planning schools with a full-time career and professional development team dedicated to assisting our students and alumni in finding and growing rewarding careers. And that means connecting them with employers like you!

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Participate in Career Fairs

We connect students with employers from across the U.S. and abroad at our Career and Networking Fairs in the fall and winter semesters. Each year, 100+ recruiters join our in-person and virtual events to recruit students from our degree programs for internships and full-time jobs. The power of our connections and the caliber of our students ensure our employer partners return each year.

Registration opens in early September for the Fall fair, and late November for the Winter fair.

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Promote a Job or Internship Opportunity

We regularly post opportunities to the Taubman College Career Network (TCCN), our online platform where students and alumni find job and internship opportunities. Job postings must be for a specific position with a single company, and each posting must clearly state the name of the employing organization and relevant details. Interested in some best practices for internships (NACE) or tips on writing intern/job descriptions (InsightGlobal)? Check out the linked articles!

To add an opportunity to our TCCN Job Board, email information to taubmancollegecareer@umich.edu.

Taubman College alumni can also post positions directly through the Taubman College Career Network.

We highlight a sampling of current job postings in our Career and Professional Development emails to students.

Note: we exclude companies requiring candidates to invest, purchase supplies, or pay a fee as a condition of employment from posting positions and all other Taubman College Career and Professional Development activities.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to inclusive, antiracist practices in our work with students, alumni, and employers. Our students and alumni are also interested in working for firms and organizations living out diversity, equity, and inclusion values. As you consider your recruitment strategies, we encourage you to be transparent about your efforts in these areas.

Nondiscrimination Policy Statement

The University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning is committed to equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status (as defined under the Immigration Reform and Control Act), disability, sexual orientation or veteran’s status. The College is also committed to offering programs and activities on a nondiscriminatory basis to its students and alumni.

Equal employment opportunity extends to all aspects of the employment relationship, including hiring, recruiting, interviewing, selection, transfer, promotion, training, working conditions, compensation, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment. Taubman College expects that any employer that uses its facilities for recruiting/hiring complies with federal and state equal employment opportunity laws and strives to eliminate all forms of harassment in their recruiting, hiring, and selection process.

Employer Access to Services

Taubman College Career and Professional Development maintains discretion regarding which opportunities and employers may be presented to U-M students. We reserve the right to not post positions not of a relevant nature to students and/or alumni of Taubman College or if we have concerns about the posting or employer. All postings must contain sufficient detail to clearly convey the basic responsibilities and requirements of the position to the job seeker. ​Architecture positions must be paid in order to be posted, in accordance with AIA ethical standards. We will not accept postings or event descriptions that limit access on the basis of protected identity characteristics, such as race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, age, economic status, or veteran status.

Guidelines for Employment Offers and Offer Deadlines

Employers making an employment offer to a University of Michigan student are referred first to the NACE (National Association of Career and Employers) position on Reasonable Offer Deadline Guidelines. Efforts should be made on the part of the employer to give students adequate time to fully consider an offer of an internship or full-time employment. In accordance with NACE Principles of Professional Conduct, employment professionals will refrain from any practice that improperly influences and affects job acceptances, including undue time pressure for acceptance of employment offers and encouragement of revocation of another employment offer.

To curtail student declines after acceptance, it is highly recommended that full-time and internship employment offers align as closely as possible with traditional hiring times (approximately mid-March for architecture/planning opportunities beginning after the Winter semester ends; urban technology timing may vary based on other industries). We recommend a minimum of one week for consideration of any offer, but more optimally two weeks; employers may want to give additional time if the offer is made far in advance of typical timelines. It is permissible to offer incentives to students who accept a position in advance of these dates.

Rescinding or Deferring Employment

Once an offer has been accepted, students have been asked to discontinue interviewing and are asked to make every effort to avoid reneging on job offers. We advise them to gather information, determine their career goals and needs, meet with a career advisor, anticipate other offers, and/or request an extension on the deadline, all in an attempt to make an informed decision regarding an offer of employment. They are informed that once the commitment is made, reneging on an offer has an extremely negative impact. It tarnishes their reputation and also damages the reputation of Taubman College students and graduates. Building a campus presence, identifying suitable candidates and participating in campus recruiting are time-consuming and expensive undertakings for employing organizations as well. We advise that students take any offer of employment seriously and plan to honor their commitments.

Employers needing to rescind or defer employment should carefully review the guidelines and follow the NACE recommendations within their Position Statement on Rescinded and Deferred Employment Offers. These guidelines suggest a 2-part review of employment offers being considered for revocation: the need for a commitment to high standards in recruiting as well as a reasoned approach to dealing with rescinded and deferred offers. NACE recommends that employers do everything possible to avoid rescinding offers, and consider alternatives that do not require fully removing employment offers, including changes in job responsibilities, salary reduction and/or reduced work weeks, changes in job locale, delayed starting dates, and other reasonable options. In the case of deferral, employers should communicate to the candidate as soon as possible and might consider providing services to aid the candidates in securing other employment, providing financial assistance if the deferral will be longer than three months, and contacting the Taubman College Career and Professional Development team to provide an update.

Third-Party Recruiters (Employment Agencies, Temporary Agencies, Search Firms) and Venture Capital Firms/Business Incubators)

These entitites may send postings for a specific position with a single organization. The Third Party firm must include their third party status in the job posting and include the name of the employing organization. As stipulated in the NACE Principles of Professional Conduct, third-party recruiters will not disclose to any employer, including the client-employer, any student information without obtaining prior written consent from the student. Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for any purpose other than the original recruiting purposes nor can it be sold or provided to other entities. Online job posting and resume referral services must prominently display their privacy policies on their websites, specifying who will have access to student information.

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