Research + Creative Practice

Taubman College faculty are shaping the human and planetary condition through reflective foresight, thoughtful agility, skillful planning, innovation, and design excellence.

Faculty In the News

Our internationally recognized faculty explore new methods and knowledge with an experimental spirit across disciplines through their research and creative practice, scholarly work, and community engagement.

Taubman Studio Reviews, Dec 2022

Projects and Publications

We pursue new ideas and innovation backed by the breadth and depth of resources at the nation’s top public university. That’s why we’re top among U.S. research universities by research volume.

Taubman Studio Reviews, Dec 2022

Research Clusters and Themes

We research in interdisciplinary ways to discover new methods for advancing solutions to address some of society’s most pressing matters.

Initiatives and Collaborations

We engage and collaborate to advance education and the state of practice and forge new opportunities across disciplines.

Awards and Accolades

We are award-winning, internationally recognized educators, scholars, researchers, and creative practitioners.