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Architecture Student Research Grant

About the ASRG

The annual Architecture Student Research Grant (ASRG), initiated by the Class of 2013, provides a unique opportunity for student research projects. The Architecture Student Research Grant in 2017 calls for projects that push the boundaries and possibilities of the discipline of architecture. Successful propositions will discover new forms and methods of working, making, and representing.

The 2017 ASRG program will award three winning projects of up to $1,500 each. Starting this year, the Grant will be funded through the Architecture Program Chair's office and through the generous gift of alumni Adam Smith and Lisa Sauve of Synecdoche, Ann Arbor.

Announced on April 21, 2017, the winners for the 2017 Architecture Student Research Grant are;

  • "Architectural Stereotype" by Jihye Choe (M.Arch), Naree Byun (M.Arch), Sam Zou (M.Arch) with virtual reality advisor Theodore Hall
  • "Specific Spaces" by Cassandra Orit Rota (UG Arch) with faculty advisor Hans Tursack
  • "Knot" by Laura Devine (M.Arch), Scott Deisher (M.Arch), and Ali AlYousefi (M.Arch) with faculty advisor John McMorrough

Thank you to 2017 ASRG faculty jury:

Mick Kennedy
Jong-Jin Kim
Sean Vance

2017 ASRG Submission Deadline was Wednesday, April 5, 2017.


All Bachelor of Science, Master of Architecture, or Doctoral Students in the Architecture Program at Taubman College who are currently enrolled and continuing in the 2017 - 2018 year are eligible to apply. Students can include team members from other disciplines, as well as from different stages of education (e.g. an undergrad / grad team). Solo proposals will be accepted. At least one team member must be from Taubman College.


Projects can take many forms: built objects, public installations, experiments, representations, written work, etc. The research will be presented as both an exhibition and public lecture. The budget must be realistic; projects that convey a strong awareness of their research / exhibition costs and how they plan to optimize the use of their funds will be favored.


All submissions should be sent as a single PDF attachment file to Arch_Re.fmhwj5i5pig10pus@u.box.com by the deadline (Please note, the attachment is saved to a Box, but the email text is not). The material will be evaluated anonymously by a blind jury of college faculty. Applicants must ensure that no part of the submission could be used to identify them by name. Submissions must include the following:

  • 1 page project proposal that contains an abstract of no more than 400 words; the page may include images
  • 1 page proposed project schedule
  • 1 page line-item budget

Samples of previous work for each team member (not to exceed 1 page/architecture student)
Questions? Please contact Laura Brown, laurajbr@umich.edu