Degree(s) Earned
M.U.P. ’15

Current Employer: RKG Associates

Hometown/Country: Andover, MA

Current City/Country: Cambridge, MA

/ Alumni / Master of Urban and Regional Planning,

Chris Herlich

Senior Planner/Analyst

“Being genuinely invested in the work that you’re doing can be a challenge, but it is incredibly rewarding.”

Why did you choose Taubman College?

I chose Taubman for four reasons: a curriculum that allowed me to explore design (something I was interested in but hadn’t studied before), accessible and engaged faculty, an extensive alumni network, and generous financial aid.

Describe the work that you do.

After working for 5.5 years as an urban designer, I now work as a planner at an economic development consulting firm. I have an undergrad degree in economics, so this is the perfect combination of my interests and abilities. The clients I work for include large and small municipalities, state agencies, and private developers. That variety allows me to constantly learn new skills while applying both my analytical and creative approaches to problem-solving.

What are some of the projects that you have worked on recently?

My recent projects include an economic development strategic plan for a mid-size city in Massachusetts; a study of a major small business corridor in Cambridge; several market analyses of municipalities across New England; and visioning for shopping center redevelopments.

How did Taubman College prepare you for your career?

Taubman prepared me extremely well for my career. It gave me a breadth of experience that helped me understand all of the different facets of my field while encouraging me to become comfortable working with the other various professions I’d be collaborating with. Taubman also helped me learn to push myself to learn — to identify the tools I needed to do the work I wanted to do and to become confident that I could master them.

What is an important lesson that has stayed with you from your time at Taubman College?

Being genuinely invested in the work that you’re doing can be a challenge, but it is incredibly rewarding.

What did you like best about attending Taubman College?

I loved the way it encouraged me to push myself. I was surrounded by so many intelligent people with different experiences than my own, it made me strive to see the world in new ways.