Degree(s) Earned
M.Arch ’00

Current Employer: IGIS Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Hometown/Country: Seoul, South Korea

Current City/Country: Seoul

/ Alumni / Master of Architecture,

SunHo Song

Managing Director

“The diversified class experiences helped me to consider different career possibilities.”

Why did you choose Taubman College?

I wanted in-depth knowledge of architecture, as well as the flexibility to take courses in civil engineering, finance, and real estate development at the business school, and even in vocal performance at the music school.

Describe the work that you do.

I am a real estate fund manager at the largest investment house in Korea. I oversee primarily real estate development projects worldwide. For the past five-plus years, I’ve been focusing on logistics development projects both domestically and internationally, where my team plays a role as a developer/investor with the capital from our own fund. For overseas projects, we work with a local developer as an investor. In the past year, I have invested in developing a large distribution center adjacent to the Incheon International Airport and am managing the construction progress now.

What is an important lesson that has stayed with you from your time at Taubman College? 

When I was working on my master’s thesis, I learned to set a detailed goal, work hard to reach it, meet the deadline with everything I’ve got, present the results logically and persuasively, and obtain public consensus.

What did you like best about Taubman College?

The freedom of being creative, designing my courses, staying up all night, eating a huge omelet at 3 a.m. in Ann Arbor, Professor Peter Allen’s office hours after evening class at a local bar, and talks over beer and slices of pizza.