Degree(s) Earned
M.U.D. ’12

Current Employer: AECOM

Hometown/Country: Beijing, China

Current City/Country: Beijing

/ Alumni / Master of Urban Design,

Wilson Qian

Project Manager for Urban Design / Senior Urban Designer

“I came to Michigan for its reputation in urban design education and its solid tradition in delivering leadership in terms of solutions, rather than just slogans.”

What are some projects that you have worked on recently?

China is the world’s largest market for urban development and redevelopment. I am privileged to work on some of the most important projects in China, such as Beijing Sub-Center and Transportation HUB, Xiong`An New Area, Beijing South Axis, Beijing Chaoyang District, Hohhot New Town, and the Beijing Urban Regeneration Mechanism Study. I am also working with senior AECOM leaders on new working methodologies to deliver better cities, infrastructure-oriented design/development, and developing public blockchain applications to urban design and civic operations across China, along with our close partner, Ernst Young Advisory China.

How did Taubman College prepare you for your career?

The faculty and my colleagues pushed me to see urban design beyond the precinct of DESIGN, which encompasses the secrets of cities, histories, sociology, economies, philosophies, theories, and all the related professions. They all make great cities, and urban designers are one of many channels to deliver the solution — by absorbing all and collaborating with all.

What is an important lesson that has stayed with you from your time at Taubman College? 

The importance of communication and the will to deliver. My professors encouraged me to communicate appropriately and strategize with various entities and individuals. This skill continues to help me be a leader within my team.

What did you like best about attending Taubman College?

Everything! Everyone! Every minute!