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Media Center

Contact Information: 734.763.3584 | Room 2115 | mediacenter@umich.edu

Taubman College Media Center provides support for printing, plotting, scanning and copying as well as limited 3D maker bot support. 

CJ Darr
Production Supervisor

Office: 2115  |  734-763-3584




Amy Horvath
Graphics Specialist

Office: 2115  |  734-763-3584


Amy provides assistance to customers from all over the University community, primarily students. She prints client-prepared files per their specifications. Amy makes sure the production of both large and small format jobs runs well, smoothing bumps in the road as needed. Communication with our customers is a priority in order to help meet deadlines and keep our volume of print jobs on track. Having served in her current capacity since 2005, she encounters and learns from something new each year. Prior to working for the University, she worked for a handful of area offset print shops in the capacity of digital prepress technician, preparing and repairing client files in preparation for traditional offset printing. Amy found her interest in the more technical aspects of printing after having served in the capacity of graphic designer for a couple of years. She received her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Graphic Design/Design from Central Michigan University. 



Jo-Anne Donfried
Sales Associate

Office: 2115  |  734-763-3584


As the Media Center Assistant, Jo-Anne handles purchasing and front end activities including managing relationships with strategic suppliers, supervising and scheduling work studies, organizing retail and stock layouts, managing backend accounting of Point of Sale system and vendor invoices, and administering Service Unit Billing payments. Prior to joining Taubman College, Jo-Anne worked as a foodservice designer. She received her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Design,Computer Systems, and Business from Eastern Michigan University. She also has an Associates of Science in Architectural Construction Technology, Associates of Science in Computer Information Systems, Associates of Art in Interior Design, and a Basic Certificate in Renewable Energy from Henry Ford Community College. Jo-Anne is always willing to look into the feasibility of bringing new items into the Media Center. If you have a product in mind, stop by her desk or email and let her know.



Ji Wang
Cashier Associate

Office: 2115  |  734-763-3584

Ji Wang was formerly a part of TRTCOM International where she held an office assistant position. 

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