Term: Fall 2020
Section: 14
Class Number: 509
Credits: 3
Required: No
Elective: Yes

/ ARCH 509

Space, Time and Artificial Intelligence

Space, Time and Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Artificial Intelligence in recent years have posed a challenge to the architectural community. How will this novel technology impact our profession? This course interrogates the rise of AI from two distinct directions: The implication for the discourse of the discipline, and the technical know how to make an impact as an architect in the emerging ecology of AI applications.

To do this, the course will tap into the image database of the UMMA, interrogating artistic sensibility to apply them to architectural problems. Using Neural Networks (GAN’s, CNN’s etc) the course will explore abilities of AI’s in architecture design. This technique can be expanded to various areas such as plan/section optimization, urban design, pattern recognition, historic reconstruction or the quest for novel sensibilities in architecture – all dependent on the data applied to the problem. This course sheds light on aspects of a Posthuman design ecology and architecture in the Postdigital age.

Scripting knowledge, particularly in Python, is welcome in this course.


Class Instruction Mode:  Online

Mon  8:30-11:30am   


Matias del Campo