Term: Fall 2024
Section: 9
Class Number: 18791
Credits: 3
Required: No
Elective: Yes
Course Brief

/ ARCH 509

SPACESPIRIT : SPIRITSPACE (in)visible made Visible

An experimental seminar. . .
. . .exploring  ourselves  as the central design project.

A weekly forum focused on  “designing the designer”  . . . finding our own voice  within
our (ownpersonal space  of talents, opportunities, dreams, fears, obligations, et al.

Utilizing a studio format of design narratives, ‘SPACESPIRIT’ explores extended answers to
seven overarching questions: How do we find a balance of self-discovery, while remaining
connected to earth / wind / sky and our deepest civic obligations?”  “How might we best embrace
joy and harmony in our daily acts of moral-ethical navigating?”  “Where is the connection
between dreams, ambition, and purpose, in our acts of designing?”  “What is deeply, most
commonly worth sustaining?”  “What is the place of Spirit and Spirituality?”  “How do dreams
matter… “Why?”

Framed by the above seven questions, ‘SPACESPIRIT’ focuses on our collective obligation
to define  “designing”  for what it commonly seems to be — a need to balance bounded
qualities of spatial materiality with the unbounded presence of human spirituality. This
daily act of mutual balancing gives ‘voice and cadence’ to all manner of human dreams
and explorations . . . including our own.


Thu 7:00-10:00pm  G463 MH


James Chaffers