Term: Fall 2020
Class Number: 660
Credits: 3
Required: Yes
Elective: No

/ ARCH 660

Thesis Development Seminar

Thesis is composed of two components: a three-credit-hour seminar in the fall term and a six-credit-hour thesis studio in the winter term. Thesis combines research and design under faculty-directed topics and foci. Individual thesis sections will offer opportunities ranging from self-directed student work to collective design and research on faculty-determined projects. Arch 660 will vary according to thesis section, and will introduce students to theory, research, and design methods necessary to undertake each section’s thesis agenda. Depending on the goals of the thesis section, Arch 660 may involve experience working closely with a client or organization.


Fri 1:00-4:00pm Rooms TBA


Cyrus Peñarroyo Matias del Campo Perry Kulper Julia McMorrough Keith Mitnick Tsz Yan Ng Mireille Roddier Jose Sanchez Malcolm McCullough Gina Reichert