Urban and Regional Planning

Term: Winter 2021
Class Number: 610
Credits: 1
Required: No
Elective: Yes

/ URP 610

Intermediate Spatial Analysis


It goes without saying that the proliferation of technologies has brought a concomitant wealth of spatiotemporal data. Within the context of this wealth of data, and the tools by which we can explore the data, this course seeks to introduce students to advanced techniques in creating, utilizing, and critiquing methodologies for addressing questions relevant to urbanism. Aimed at covering a variety of topics in both practice and in research, the course operates with a two-fold mission: (1) to critically discuss the theories, concepts, and research methods involved in spatial analysis and (2) to learn the techniques necessary for engaging those theories and deploying those methods. The class will work to meet this mission with a dedicated focus on the urban environment and the spatial particularities and relationships that arise from the urban context.


Class instruction mode: Online

Tue, Thu 8:30-10:00am