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TVLab Trade Show

March 10, 2023 at 9:00 am - 10:00 pm


In March 2023, the Taubman Visualization Lab (TVLab) is hosting TRADE SHOW – a one-day series of free and public lectures, workshops, installations, forums, and tech demos focusing on emergent visualization technologies and their spatial applications.

Increasingly powerful, affordable, and intuitive, XR technology has seen sizable public and private sector investment from industries as diverse as education, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment signaling that extended reality is diversely applicable, and here to stay. In the fields of architecture, design, and planning, the story of XR’s applicability is still unfolding.  TRADE SHOW convenes a cross-section of thinkers in academia, the professions, and industry to shine a light on current speculative and applied XR design and visualization practices and to spark conversation about adaptations yet to come.


Informal, interactive, and approachable, TRADE SHOW events, staged concurrently throughout Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, will sponsor unexpected discoveries across diverse topics.

Locations  Activities
Commons  Demos
TVLab Virtual Panel Presentations
CMYK Faculty Presentations and Pedagogical Experiments
RM 1360 Lectures and snacks
Hallway(s) Physical / Hybrid (AR) Installations


March 10, 2023 9:00a – 10:00p


Transitioning from speculative to ubiquitous within a few short years, extended reality and related spatial visualization technologies are offering designers unprecedented experimentation and communication capabilities. These emergent media, promising to transform spatial experience for the foreseeable future, are shaping everything from the modeling of environments to the delivery of immersive analytics.  Pedagogically, they offer new engaged learning opportunities that provide a distinct understanding of space, systems, and phenomena.  XR is transforming professional practice, too. Across most mid to large-scale practices, XR-related job postings for Design Technologists, 3D Game Artists, and XR Specialists have grown increasingly common. The Corporate Tech Industry, meanwhile, continues breaking ground at a formidable clip, making co-navigation of these emergent tools if not critical, then unavoidable.

Appropriately, TRADE SHOW brings together diverse voices and perspectives with a level of playfulness and intentional agnosticism. Convening professional studios developing  XR tools for their clients’ bases, startups seek to capitalize on new models of communication, and academic researchers testing speculative modes of design and representation, the event’s purpose is straightforward: (1) to provide an up-to-date snapshot of the digital visualization sector; (2) to visibilize an array of existing expertise at Taubman College, which is currently atomized; (4) to foreground innovative applied and speculative practices outsides the university; (3) to generate conversations about the achievements and conundrum of emergent visualization technologies. In the process, we hope TRADE SHOW will help us make friends, break barriers, and grow networks.


March 10, 2023
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
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