/ Lecturer,

Mohsen Vatandoost

Lecturer in Architecture

Mohsen is a Lecturer in Architecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. Mohsen was a visiting scholar and research assistant at Taubman College for over a year before being appointed a lecturer. His research centered on structurally evaluating and optimizing bespoke, non-standard-size, reclaimed-timber trusses manufactured robotically.

Mohsen studied civil engineering and got his first graduate degree (M.SC.) in structural engineering. His thesis, titled “Seismic Retrofitting RC Structures with Precast Prestressed Concrete Braces,” resulted in the development of a novel system for seismic retrofitting and a patent that is currently under review.

After several years as a structural engineer and designer, Mohsen returned to school to study architecture in order to bridge the gap he had observed between structural and architectural engineering. He received his second Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) from the Iran University of Science and Technology after receiving a full scholarship from MSRT for his graduate studies.

In addition, he holds a doctorate in Architectural Technology from the University of Tehran’s School of Architecture, College of Fine Arts. In his interdisciplinary doctoral dissertation titled “Form-finding and Optimization of Shell Structures with Metaheuristic Algorithms,” he employs various swarm-based and metaheuristic algorithms in the computational morphogenesis workflow to integrate form-finding and multi-objective, multi-constraint optimization.

In addition, he contributed to the optimization methodology in his dissertation by proposing a workflow that combines multi-objective optimization (MOO) and the Analytical Hierarchy Procedure (AHP) to sort, rank, and order the solutions in the Pareto Frontier.

In addition, he has served as an Adjunct Lecturer, Guest Lecturer, and Teaching Assistant in design studios and multiple courses at the University of Tehran, the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), and the Iranian Architecture Center (IAC) for over four years.

In addition, Mohsen has been a co-founder and board member of the BMG Group, an engineering consulting firm based in Iran, for over two decades, where he has participated in the design, supervision, and construction of a variety of project types and sizes. Since 2009, he has held professional licenses and Certifications in Engineering.

His research interests include multi-objective multi-criteria optimization, structural optimization, machine learning in structural optimization, computational design, digital fabrication, robotic fabrication, and additive manufacturing.