Documentary "Volume Zero" Celebrates Charles Correa

Arun Khopkar has created a feature on Taubman alumnus Charles Correa. The documentary, an hour-long film on Correa’s architecture, is called Volume Zero: The Work of Charles Correa. The Times of India published an article about Correa and Volume Zero on September 5, 2008.

Khopkar’s documentary is a cinematic tour of some of Correa’s best work. “I’m interested in the relationship between architecture and cinema,” says the film-maker who has previously documented Jehangir Sabavala’s art and Alarmel Valli’s Bharatanatyam. “With each location there is a specific problem with how to make the location come alive.” The first Correa building he came across was the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya in Ahmedabad 20 years ago. It’s a large airy structure built around a courtyard, a feature that Correa repeats in many of his later buildings. In the film, Khopkar recalls feeling “the rhythms of its spaces” and noting how “it responded to changing lights.”

The Times of India

Time Out Mumbai