Undergraduates Participate in Integrated Product Development Challenge

Three architecture students have been involved in a challenge sponsored by the Tauber Institute: Sami Baqai, B.S. 2009; Manuel Herrera, B.S. 2009; and Amanda Winn, B.S. 2009.

Each year, the institute sponsors an integrated product development (IPD) challenge for interdisciplinary teams to create innovative products to help society. The product this year was a Portable Disaster Area Personal Hygiene Station.

Disasters are extreme events that displace significant numbers of people and wipe out the existing infrastructure. In these situations, providing personal hygiene facilities is a critical environmental intervention for limiting infant mortality and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

This year, the IPD teams (combining business, engineering, and art & architecture students) were challenged to design and build an easily shipped, carried and deployed station for disaster areas that facilitates bathroom functions, washing and showering.

Visit the teams’ websites to learn more: