Will Glover Receives 2008 AIPS Junior Book Prize

Associate Professor Will Glover won the 2008 AIPS Junior Book Prize presented by the American Institute of Pakistan Studies for his latest book Making Lahore Modern.

The AIPS Executive Committee describes the book as a “tour de force that blends cultural history, urban studies, architectural history, colonial history, and the study of modernity….In writing a ‘history of the present’ for the city of Lahore in Making Lahore Modern, William Glover does far more than historically analyze the city’s urban landscape. His multidimensional work describes the physical changes brought to the city’s landscape by the British Raj, the closely related cultural, social and aesthetic changes, and various responses to these changes as well. In so doing, his work is as much about colonial governmentality as architecture, as much about conceptions of history as urban planning. Making Lahore Moder also points out the limits of the colonial enculturation project by showing how Indian colonial subjects were often active participants in the colonial projects of urban renewal. They brought their own set of meanings to them, and so appropriated them to their own ends. As one would expect from such a rich study, Glover’s work is not only relevant to urban studies but also studies of colonialism, governmentality, and the development of non-western modern aesthetics. It will make for delightful, informative reading for scholars, urban planners, and Lahoris who love to love their city.”

American Institute of Pakistan Studies