2009 Architecture Program Commencement Award May 3, 2009

AIA Henry Adams Medal
Emmett T. Harrison

AIA Henry Adams Certificate
Ross C. Hoekstra

In each recognized school of architecture in the United States, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) annually awards an engraved medal to the M.Arch. degree candidate with the highest scholastic standing. A certificate is awarded to the degree candidate with the second highest standing. The faculty determines the awards.

Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award
Adrienne Scott McDaniel

Sarah Drake Parker initiated this endowment, shared with the College of Engineering, in memory of her daughter, Marian Sarah Parker, C.E. 1895, the first woman to graduate with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan. As a member of Purdy & Henderson, Parker became a specialist in the design of the steel-framed skyscraper and helped to design such revolutionary buildings as New York’s Flat Iron Building and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The award is made annually to the outstanding woman senior in engineering and to the outstanding woman M.Arch. degree candidate.

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Claire Sheridan

Alpha Rho Chi, a national professional fraternity for students of architecture and the allied arts, awards its medal annually, in April, upon recommendations of the architecture faculty in each school of architecture. The purpose is to recognize the M.Arch. degree candidate who has shown leadership and given service to the school and whose personality and attitude give promise of real professional worth.

Graduate Thesis Awards

  • Patrick Forsea Lynch, “cite sited,” Advisors: Tom Buresh with Danelle Guthrie
  • Adrienne Scott McDaniel “_conditioning the IN-BETWEEN,” Advisors: Jason Young with Dawn Gilpin
  • Sen Liu “21st Century Piracy,” Advisors: Jason Young with Dawn Gilpin
  • Emmett T. Harrison, “the museum of absent things,” Advisors: Neal Robinson with Perry Kulper
  • Juan Pablo Mercado “drift between here, there, and imagined grounds,” Advisors: Neal Robinson with Perry Kulper
  • Ross Christopher Hoekstra “revisionary tactics: renovating the museum store at the Smithsonian,” Advisors: Craig Borum with Keith Mitnick
  • Matthew Ducharme-Smith, “Critical Opalescence,” Advisors: Perry Kulper, Neal Robinson

Burton L. Kampner Memorial Award
Marie Matta

Established in 1967 by contributions from alumni and friends of Burton L. Kampner, B.Arch.’53, a memorial award is presented annually to the B.S. degree candidate whose final design project is considered to be the most outstanding. The selection is made by a jury consisting of architecture faculty appointed by the chair of the Architecture Program.

Wallenberg Studio Awards
First Prize: $15,000
Marc Maxey

Second Prize: $10,000
Alex Timmer

Third Prize: $5,000
Rick Cosgrove

Honorable Mentions:
Marie Matta
Jakub Szerszen
Lauren Gregoricka
Brooke Goodman
Eva Lynch

Booth Traveling Fellowship
Claire Sheridan $3,000
Michael Mitchell $5,000

The George G. Booth Travelling Fellowship was first awarded in 1924. It is offered annually by Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, and presently carries a stipend of up to $8,000. The fellowship provides the opportunity for recent alumni/ae to research some special aspect of architecture that requires international travel. To be eligible, you must be 30 years of age or under before the March 31,2009 application deadline and must either expect to graduate by August 2009 or be a master of architecture graduate of the University of Michigan.

Architecture Program Distinction
Zain Walid Abuseir
John Beck
Sara D. Blumenstein
Kristen Louise Dotson
Justin Fogle
Megan McBride
Justin Peterson
Colin Richardson
Dongjun Seo
Amanda Winn
James W. Witherspoon
Stephanie Fitton
Eric Crabb

Program Distinction is awarded to an architecture student who has made a significant contribution to the College by a combination of exceptional academic performance and fostering community building activities within the Program.

Architecture Doctoral Studies Commencement Awards

Architectural Research Centers Consortium / King Student Medal for Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Design Research
Anirban Adhya

ARCC / King Student Medal is named in honor of the late Jonathan King, co-founder and first president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC), this award is given to one student per ARCC member school. Selection of school recipients is at the discretion of the individual institutions, but will be based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research. The Doctoral Studies faculty determines the award.

Doctoral Studies Student Award
LaDale Winling

The Doctoral Studies Student Award is presented annually to the PhD student whose scholarship and extra curricular activities contribute substantially to the program. The selection is made by a jury consisting of Doctoral Studies faculty members and appointed by the architecture chair.