Taubman College faculty members Thün and Velikov present at the 2010 International Renewable Energy Conference in Japan

Associate professor Geoffrey Thün and assistant professor Kathy Velikov presented design research at the 2010 International Renewable Energy Conference in Yokohama Japan, June 27 – July 2, 2010. Work was presented in three fields of focus within the conference across a series of sessions and workshops. Thün presented work outlining strategies for the adaptation of mass-customized practices of prefabrication for sustainable housing in North America. Velikov presented work in the development of adaptive user interfaces for application in high performance residential buildings. They jointly presented research associated with their ongoing Post-Carbon Highway / Conduit Urbanism project that anticipates the pairing of high speed mobility systems with renewable energy networks within the Great Lakes Megaregion.

During their period of research travel within Japan, Velikov and Thün will visit the facilities of a range of Japanese mass-customized home manufacturers.