FABLab Director, Lecturer Wes McGee to present at FABRICATE 2011 in London

Architecture Lecturer and Director of FABLab Wes McGee will speak at FABRICATE, an upcoming conference in London, on April 15 and 16. FABRICATE frames discussion around the presentation of built or partially built works by individuals and collaborators in research, practice and industry.

As an International Peer Reviewed Conference, FABRICATE unites a diverse group of experts with backgrounds in construction, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, material technology and computation. The conference, organized by The Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London, will revolve around themes concerning the following: new opportunities enabled by digital fabrication technologies; the disparity between digital modeling and its realization; material performance and manipulation; on- and off-site construction; interdisciplinary education; and economic and sustainable contexts.

As the director of FABLab, McGee’s work aims to develop innovative fabrication workflows for architecture. For the past several years, McGee has collaborated with Dave Pigram of Supermanoeuvre to develop custom software for robotic fabrication. Their work has been published in Architecture Beijing Biennale and Contemporary Digital Architecture: Design and Techniques by Dmitris Kottos.

For more information about McGee’s upcoming presentation, visit the FABRICATE website.