Assistant Professor John Marshall serves on the advisory board of “Making Visible the Invisible" conference, March 10-11

Assistant Professor John Marshall is on the advisory board of a two-day conference on interdisciplinary collaboration in data visualization titled “Making Visible the Invisible: Art, Design and Science Data Visualization” at University of Huddersfield, UK, March 10-11, 2011. The event seeks to contribute to the debate around data visualization and to a better understanding of what makes interdisciplinary collaborations successful.

Inspired by the numerous visualizations involving scientific data and scientific themes that have emerged from interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, scientists and designers, “Making Visible the Invisible” aims to provide a platform for open dialogue and discussion across disciplinary cultures and seek a better understanding of the critical requirements for interdisciplinary collaboration. Possible topics include sonic visualization and sonification, neuro-plastic applications, themes around sustainability, ecological literacy or climate change, sensual, aesthetic, poetic and conceptual approaches, among others. The conference aims to formulate key questions concerning the future challenges of data-visualization, technology, role of collaboration, consequences for education, multi-disciplinary language and dialogue.