UM SMART’s Sue Zielinksi and Professor Douglas Kelbaugh to speak at Congress for New Urbanism on mobility issues June 1-4

University of Michigan’s Managing Director of Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Research and Transformation (SMART), Sue Zielinski, and Taubman College Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Douglas Kelbaugh, FAIA, will speak at the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) 19: Growing Local conference, June 1-4, 2011, in Madison, Wisc.

Kelbaugh will speak on a panel entitled, “Sharing the Ride, On Two Wheels or Four,” June 3, about the changing the relationship between transportation and places, including the personal and economic relationship with our modes of transportation.

Kelbaugh and Zielinski, who also teaches at Taubman College, will participate on a panel entitled, “New Mobility Meets New Urbanism,” June 4, about connecting transportation modes, services, and technologies into a whole system, and bringing diverse innovations together in ways that favor accessibility (meeting people’s needs) over mobility (moving as many vehicles as fast as possible).

CNU 19 aims to explore today’s walkable, farmable, bikeable, economically resilient city. CNU is the leading organization promoting walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier living conditions.

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