Professor Robert Fishman authors chapter in Companion to Urban Design

Robert Fishman, Emil Lorch Collegiate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, authored a chapter in the new book, Companion to Urban Design, edited by Tridib Banerjee and Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris. Fishman contributed the book’s second chapter, titled, “The open and the enclosed: shifting paradigms in modern urban design.”

Fishman writes about the development of neighborhoods in Manhattan, including Battery Park City and Soho, as well as other urban areas around the globe. In his chapter on the paradigms of open/enclosed, Fishman writes: “In response to this urban crisis of overcrowding and congestion, the great task of urban design appeared to be to open up the city . . . . But by the mid-twentieth century the very technologies – the railroad, electric tram and subway – that had concentrated people in the whirlpool cities now permitted the urban population to spread out inexorably from their crowded cores.”

The book, published by Routledge on March 10, 2011, is available on Amazon.