Mitnick Presents LA exhibit “Un-Privileged Views”

Taubman Faculty Keith Mitnick presents LA exhibit, “Un-Privileged Views”

Opening March 3, 2012 at the LA Forum for Architecture + Urbanism Gallery in Hollywood, “Un-Privileged Views” is a new exhibit co-curated by Associate Professor Keith Mitnick. The show will be comprised of photographic installations by architects, each representing an ‘alternative’ view of a particular city, including work by locals such as Taubman faculty Mirielle Roddier and McLain Clutter, as well as former University of Michigan fellows Eric Olsen and Reto Geiser.

The aim of the exhibit is to expose the anti-iconic views of buildings and neighborhoods in a broad selection of cities both in terms of visual experience and political reality. These images are intended to change how we think about the places they represent and encourage viewers to look for ways to realize alternative viewpoints in the construction of the images. Selected photos will successfully create a special geography about the space in which they are displayed as well as the cities they portray.

According to a review of “Un-Privileged Views” published in Domus, “the exhibition shows cities as totally unique forms and even, in some cases, fictions.”

The exhibit runs March 3 – March 25, 2012. For more information please: click here

To read the Domus article: click here

Faculty: Keith Mitnick ,