Professor Borum speaks at "Inside//Out: New Materials, Technologies, and Uses" colloquium at Tulane

Professor Borum speaks at “Inside//Out: New Materials, Technologies, and Uses” colloquium at Tulane 

Inside//Out: New Materials, Technologies, and Uses colloquium, March 30-31, 2012, at Tulane University explores what new possibilities usage and design of materials and technologies present for architecture and those served by architecture. Professor Craig Borum will discuss some of his recent work under the title “…weather is what you get.”

As materials and technologies become more advanced and dynamic, how should we begin to re-evaluate the nature of their architectural usage? Inside//Out examines how barriers between inside/outside, public/private, structure/infrastructure begin to be rethought, especially in areas of need, growth, and development, where such advancements may take unprecedented form not only in the final built product, but in areas such as design development and socials aid, as well as public interaction and input.

Faculty: Craig Borum ,