Taubman faculty member James Macgillivray published in The Journal of Modern Craft

Taubman faculty member James Macgillivray published in The Journal of Modern Craft

Taubman faculty member, James Macgillivray’s article “Film Grows Unseen: Gregory Markopoulos, Robert Beavers, and the Tectonics of Film Editing” published in The Journal of Modern Craft, Volume 5, Number 2.

An abstract of the article as posted on reads…

After the act of shooting and considerations for the machine that is the motion picture camera, film stock itself, the living artefact of cinema, is the site of the majority of aesthetic concerns that face the filmmaker. This article looks at the material aspects of film and film editing within the context of the American avant-garde, focusing on its use of 16 mm film. In particular it examines the work of two filmmakers, Gregory Markopoulos and Robert Beavers, and shows how these artists’ interactions with film itself, and the craft of editing that film, informed their artistic process in productive ways. The advent of 16 mm film as an amateur stock presented a handcraft situation to the independent filmmaker: one which, in the case of Markopoulos and Beavers, led to an equally specific interaction with the material of film and the film image.

James Macgillivray was the William Muschenheim Fellow in Architecture at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning for the 2011-2012 academic year. He is from Toronto and received his Masters in Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and his B.A. in architecture from Princeton University. He is a founding partner of L/MAS, an interdisciplinary studio focused on issues of representation and perception in architecture and the fine arts. Prior to University of Michigan, he worked as a designer at Steven Holl Architects and as a project manager at Peter Gluck and Partners Architects. He is currently writing a book that delineates the notion of space in the arts of architecture and film.