Herscher to Launch "The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit"

Herscher to Launch “The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit”

Associate Professor Andrew Herscher will hold a book launch for his recently published book, “The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit,” on Thursday, December 6th from 8:00-10:00pm at Lab Café.

What if Detroit has not only fallen apart, emptied out, disappeared and/or shrunk, but has also transformed, becoming a novel urban formation that offers potentials as well as challenges? In recent years, this proposition has sponsored a growing number of responses, from small-scale ephemeral interventions to longer-term place-based activism, all availing themselves of Detroit’s vast repository of devalued, abandoned or vacant urban property. Posing these diverse responses as aspects of a condition rather than solutions to a problem, The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit tells a new story of the city in a time of conjoined precarity and possibility—a story of urban decline yielding conditions favorable for urban experimentation, invention and, perhaps, change.

Lab Café is located at 505 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor

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