Harley Etienne Interviewed for Marketplace Morning Report

Harley Etienne, Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, was recently interviewed for a segment titled, “Short on tax revenue, Atlanta counties sue HSBC.”

Etienne, who specializes in community development, post-disaster neighborhood Recovery, and neighborhood change, spoke to the ramifications of the forclosure crisis that hit the Atlanta area in 2008 and left a lot of vacant properties.

“It’s the increase in crime. It’s the value of a life,” said Etienne. “You have lots of crime that’s associated with the vacant properties, and I don’t know how you start to calculate the value of those losses.”

The interview was conducted by Jim Burress of WABE Radio in Atlanta. The entire report can be heard here.

Harley Etienne teaches in the areas of urban community development, inner-city revitalization, neighborhood change, urban poverty, and qualitative research issues in planning. Etienne’s research focuses primarily on the intersection of social institutions and their relationship to processes of urban neighborhood change. He is keenly interested in the role that colleges and universities play in contributing to neighborhood-level change and regional economic development. He recently released, Pushing Back the Gates: Neighborhood Perspectives on University-Driven Change in West Philadelphia on Temple University Press.