Taubman College Represents at the Encoding Architecture Conference at Carnegie Mellon

Assistant Professor Sean Ahlquist and Lecturer in Architecture Wes McGee are both delivering keynote lectures at the Encoding Architecture Conference taking place at Carnegie Mellon University.

The conference takes place Friday, February 8th and Saturday, February 9th and will explore the evolution of the architect as no longer an organizer of matter and space, but a designer of systems with multi-layered components and complex relationships.

Ahlquist will keynote a lecture titled, “Exploration And Fidelity In Material Computation – Evolutionary Means for the Articulation of Textile Morphologies,” and will also chair a session dedicated to, “Self Organization I Material Morphology I Biology.”

McGee will present a keynote lecture titled, “Bespoken Machines of Architecture”, while also holding a workshop on “Robots in Architecture 02.”

Taubman College Master of Science student Aaron Willette along with Master of Architecture students Harold Sprague Solie, Mark Wright, Ning Zhou, and Bennett Scorcia will also present work.

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