Fure Interviewed by Architectural Magazine City Vision

Fure Interviewed by Architectural Magazine City Vision

Adam Fure, Lecturer in Architecture, was recently interviewed in the architectural magazine “City Vision.” In the interview, Fure shares insight into his design process including the key principles that guide his practice (Sift Studio) and how digital tools influence the development, emotions, and aesthetics of his projects.

Below is a portion of the interview:

Question: How do digital tools influence the development of your projects? How would you define the relationship between the tools, the craft process and the artistic spontaneity in your design?

Fure: In general, I think digital technology (modeling, scripting, fabrication, etc.) is incredibly important and will no doubt be a major driver in architectural innovation for decades to come. That being said, it has encouraged certain biases over the past fifteen years, one of which is the subservience of materials to digital form. In most paradigms of digital fabrication material conforms to a strict set of machining protocols due to various issues regarding control and tolerance. In my teaching and research I’ve sought to shake this up a bit.

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Adam Fure is an architectural designer and educator teaching in the areas of digital fabrication, material experimentation and design. He holds degrees in architecture from the University of Michigan and the University of California, Los Angeles where he graduated with distinction and was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi medal.

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