Groat Authors Second Edition of Architectural Research Methods

Linda Groat Authors Second Edition of Architectural Research Methods

Linda Groat, Professor of Architecture at Taubman College, along with co-author David Wang (PhD.’97), Professor of Architecture at Washington State University recently published the 2nd edition of Architectural Research Methods published by Wiley.

Since the initial publication of the book’s 1st edition (2002), Architectural Research Methods has served as a primary source on research methods for students and faculty at numerous schools of architecture in the US and around the world, as well as for practitioners who aim to incorporate research in their design processes.

The new edition of Architectural Research Methods has been substantially revised to address current trends and innovations in research. Introductory chapters have been completely updated to provide an overview of basic research issues and concepts, including an expanded discussion of the relationship between design and research; as well as a multi-step guide both to clarifying one’s research purposes and to actually designing the structure of the study.

Subsequent chapters offer a comprehensive treatment of seven specific strategies for investigating built forms, highlighted by many real-life examples of how good research can be pursued in practice, studio or for academic purposes. The book’s expanded coverage includes emerging areas of interdisciplinary investigation, including: sustainability, urban design, product design, and product systems; while new discussions of the use of digital media help underscore the increasing potential of architectural research.

According to the introduction, the aim of the book is to: “…provide an introductory handbook for anyone wishing to conduct research – or more informally, inquiry – on an aspect of the built environment – from the scale of a building component, a room, a building, a neighborhood, to an urban center.”

Visit the Wiley website for more information and to order the book.