Holder's 'The Stories Bricks Tell Themselves' Published in Pidgin Magazine at Princeton University

Holder’s ‘The Stories Bricks Tell Themselves’ Published in Pidgin Magazine at Princeton University

Andrew Holder, Assistant Professor of Architecture, was recently published in Princeton University’s Pidgin Magazine. His article, “The Stories Bricks Tell Themselves”, found in issue No. 16, discusses the characterization of building elements and the ability for materials such as bricks “to generate the…necessary fictions that require us to engage them as characters with an interior vitality.” His work promotes a creative rethinking of the role – and sovereignty – of geometry in analyzing object relationships, all encapsulated by one provocative query: “And what does brick want?”

Pidgin is a renowned architecture magazine endlessly open to new ideas and schools of thought. It prides itself as a snapshot of the current in the architectural community, with contribution from people such as Peter Eisenman, Stan Allen, and Beatriz Colomina supplementing its eight year history.

Excerpts from Holder’s published piece may be found on the Pidgin Magazine website.