“The Floyd Leg” Kickstarter campaign

“The Floyd Leg” Kickstarter campaign

Kyle Hoff, M.Arch.’13, with his business partner Alex O’Dell, have a designed “The Floyd Leg,” a modular steel table leg that can be clamped onto any flat surface to form a table.

“The Legs emerged from a personal need and curiosity of mine three years ago,” says Hoff. “I was living a rather nomadic lifestyle with work and school taking me to different cities. In each new place, I found myself buying (and ultimately) discarding furniture. To solve this problem, I was looking for a work desk that was easy to pack up and move around with. In addition, I wanted something that was beautiful (don’t we all?).”

The designers, based in Detroit, are working with local machine shops to produce the legs and have begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund their production.

Visit their Kickstarter page to see a video of the product and to read more.