del Campo and Manninger invited to Shanghai

del Campo and Manninger invited as speakers to Shanghai

A summer symposium hosted by the Shanghai HKU Center featured a panel on “Urban Formation: Serial Material, Cities and Customisation,” on July 23, 2014. Assistant Professor of Architecture Matias del Campo and Lecturer Sandra Manninger were invited to participate.

Within the myriad of forces shaping cities in the twenty-first century, and the unprecedented rate and extent of urbanization in Asia, the future of urbanity is increasingly indeterminable, contingent on the complex association of diverse environmental, economic, social and political influences. Computationally-driven design and production technologies, whose methods and applications are well-rehearsed in architectural design, practice, teaching and research, yet remain largely untested at the vast scale of the contemporary city.

The symposium sought to articulate paradigms and methods with which to express the distinctness of specific urban locales. The symposium was one of a series of events comprising the eighth annual AA Shanghai Summer School AASH – an intensive nine-day studio-based course taught by leading experts. AASH is a design workshop experimenting with cutting edge computational design approaches in architecture and urbanism, as applied to issues related to Shanghai, a pre-eminent urban laboratory and one of the world’s emblematic twenty-first century cities.